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About Solar Brightness

Solar Brightness is a Clean Energy Council(CEC) approved retailer providing Residential and Commercial Solar PV solutions with headquarters based in Melbourne, Victoria. We are a dedicated solar company that helps our valued customers to get solar energy at a acompetitive and affordable price. We back our products with professional installation from A-Grade CEC accredited installers. We take pride in our after sale services with regular installation site visits post-installation; guiding our clients to gain the most out of their solar PV system and save $$ on their energy bills.


Solar Panels

Solar panels capture the energy of sunlight which is converted into electricity. This is known as a photovoltaic system, usually called solar PV.

Solar Inverters

The inverter is the heart of your solar power system. It’s primary function is to convert the DC power from the panels into AC power for your home and to select the most productive operating voltage for the panels.

Solar Battery

If you install a battery with your solar PV system, you can store your solar power not used during the day to use later. This should cut your electricity bill even further.

Why Choose Solar Brightness?

Consultation & Product Selection

With one call to our friendly, experienced consultants, we can find the right solar products for your unique situation.

Installation & Commissioning

It is vitally important that a system is installed and tested as per the commissioning requirement of the network to ensure it is safe.

Solar Solutions & Approvals

Our dedicated team of engineers will design a custom solar system for your needs and our team of specialists will assist you getting grid connection & approval.

Monitoring & Support Solutions

Turn on your new solar system and watch as the sun does its job! Our smart monitoring system displays all the information you need. Our support teams are ready for any questions you may have!

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